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Thank you all for your response to my post about the viper uninstall.


your response caught my attention . I realize I screwed up, but the install was not that great. I could see where most of the connections were made to the OEM harness, so I thought I had covered everything.

You sound like a pro at this some hope you don't mind me asking for some more help.

The seller told me that the remote start would work if the car was in gear and to be careful. The clutch positon switch was wired into the viper.....think it was a purple wire( I am not at home to look at the moment.........I disconnected the viper wire and spliced the OEM wire back together.

Does that mean the clutch switch is bad? If so, could this cause the no start? How do I check the switch for proper operation?

About the key being in the mean a viper key or a bmw OEM key? Sorry for my ignorance! The ignition switch cylinder switch was wired into the viper and I did the same on it......removed the viper wire and reconnect the factory wire.
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