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Depends on what the current ratio of antifreeze is in your car right now. A 50/50 mix is how almost everyone does it, and I'd be surprised if your car didn't have that ratio. 50/50 mix is good 'til -40F, and a 33/67 is good 'til 0F. Chances are it's a good time to replace your coolant anyway. I would just DIY it, it's a very easy process.

Other good tips/ideas:

- Get Blizzaks for your snow tires. Ain't nothin' better. If you don't wanna get different tires, go with Continenal ExtremeContact DWS. They're still great in the snow. Not as good as a snow tire, but hands-down the best all-season out there.
-Edit: Stick with BMW 10w60, it's the oil recommended for your M3. Good to -20F

- Get good windshield wipers. Bosch Icons or BMW's bracketless design are excellent year-round
- Ice scraper
- Textile snow chains for if you get stuck:
- RainX or AquaPel your windows. It will help ice slide off more easily
- Get your battery tested at an auto parts store to make sure it is still in good condition

That's really all there is to it!

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