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Found the info again. You need to modify the vold.fstab file in the /etc/ directory. To do this, you need to have root access and explicitly request read/write access. Even with /etc/ mounted as read/write, the file was still locked read only for me. So once you've saved, verify that your changes actually took before rebooting. One of the best things about the dynavin...if you screw it up, reflash android

My config:
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/ehci-omap.0/usb2/2-3/2-1.1/

The last bits are determined by which usb port you are accessing from. By plugging and unplugging your USB device, you should be able to figure out which is which. Mine happens to be in the "3" spot on my USB hub.

Also, another major thing to note. The dynavin does not supply adequate power through the USB to power the SSD. So if you are trying to do this, you will need a hard drive enclosure that allows for a 2nd USB port that will ONLY supply supplemental power. This wasn't easy to find, but is critical.

If anyone is attempting this and has any questions, let me know

Edit: sorry for jacking your thread Jeff
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