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Originally Posted by miweber929 View Post
I've asked before about that exact thing with no response, can't believe I'm the only one to ever replace a headunit in an HK equipped car! Searching brought up nothing so I thought I'd ask as well...

Did you try it and get distortion or is this just knowledge? I don't mean that in a bad way but it seems like no one actually tried it so that's where I'm curious.

Any chance you know where I can find a wiring diagram for the amp? I have seen pictures of people installing them in the trunk but no other info has been found.
I had a Dynavin head unit installed with the factory HK system. The Dynavin has the LOC built in. With the built in LOC set to the equivalent of "off", as if there was no converter at all, the sound was incredibly loud and distorted very easily. Not listenable at all. (It is worth noting that with the built in converter turned on the sound was ok but way too quiet, much quieter than stock.)

I discussed an external LOC with my installer that would be trunk mounted as a possible solution, so I know you can put it there. At the end of the day I ultimately decided to replace all of the factory equipment with aftermarket stuff so it became a non-issue for my installation.

There is a link to wiring diagrams in this post:
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