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If you search on the internet a little you might be able to find some supporting information, but I recall reading an article on brake rotors and someone/group did some research and determined that almost every single rotor on the market today, regardless of manufacturer, is sourced from Chinese steel blanks. From there some manufacturers will drill/slot, apply coatings, whatever.

I also had an issue with ECS in the past, fortunately in talking with their customer service they were helpful & understanding and provided me a refund on the defective part. However, I ordered all my CCV/oil separator parts and hoses from them assuming it was all OEM - well some of the hoses were not. I spent hours and hours going back and forth on one hose that just wouldn't fit until finally one of the connector clips broke. The next day I went to the dealer and picked up the OEM part, and in about 10 minutes it snapped right in no problems. So keep that in mind for anyone looking to do the same thing.
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