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Let's run through this with some methodical thought here. A few questions first: 1) The spring perch atop the coilover, what style was it? Meaning did it have a detent for the coil spring forthe end of the coil spring to seat in, or is it flat. 2) The top perch, does it spin, or is it solidly affixed? 3) The strut bearing, what condition was it in? If the strut bearings were re-installed, how many miles were on those bearings. Did you install new one's? You see, all these things matter because it affects the answer. Without knowing these things, it is difficult to diagnose your problem. My shot in the dark is this: the strut bearing is not functioning as it should, meaning allowing rotation; this causes the spring perch to rotate in the assmebly; it's my guess there is a detent for the spring perch and since the perch is rotating around, it makes the spring pop out of the detent and when it falls back into the detent, the spring does what a spring does, it'll unload energy and wire end of the coil spring falls into the detent making a knocking noise.

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