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Originally Posted by FloridaE46 View Post
Camera man could have been a hero, saved someones life and would have gotten nationwide media coverage for his heroic deed.. But no, just wanted to get it on film..

Would have been nothing to pull that man up.
Originally Posted by bmwti View Post
or he could have ran over to try and help, and the guy frantic to get out as the train approaches, grabs on to anything he could, and accidentally pulls him in with him...

not saying the photographer was in the right, but no way to know what the cameraman or anyone could have done, just because they were close to him...

49 flashes ? Does that mean he had time to take 49 pictures ?
How long does it take to take 49 pictures and how long does it take to run 15 feet, grab a man's arm and say........hey buddy let me help you up......

The photographer who shot the New York Post's controversial front-page photo of a man about to be killed by an oncoming subway train defended his actions on Wednesday, saying there was "no way" he could have saved the victim.

From the periphery of my eye I saw a body fly onto the tracks," Abbasi said. "There was a collective gasp, and that caught my total attention." The photographer said he fired off his flash 49 times. "If you look carefully into the eyes of the conductor you see two lights," Abbasi said. "I think those are my flash lights that are being reflected."


Abbasi, who was not paid by the "Today" show for the sitdown, said he has already licensed some of the photos he shot during the incident. He added: "If this thing happened again, with the same circumstances, whether I had a camera or not and I was running toward him there is no way I could've rescued Mr. Han."


Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
Inb4 the media posts pictures of the black guy as a sweet innocent young man who was coming home from volunteering at the church.
He was buying a homeless man a pair of socks and a hundred dollar hiking boots.
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