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Originally Posted by SPDSKTR View Post
UUC's flywheel is TOO light for street driving (in my opinion, anyway). Think about it... their flywheel only weighs 8 lbs. EIGHT. POUNDS.
Complete understanding of the UUC Stage 2 / M5 clutch conversion package is extremely important here... directly from our website:
Tipping the scales at only 8.5lbs, this aluminum flywheel boasts the best features in its class (high-speed balanced, correct dowel hole, replaceable friction surface, Made In USA quality) , but is designed to use the clutch disk, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing from the 3.6 liter E34 M5. The total weight of the M5 clutch disk and pressure plate combo is greater than that of a stock E46 3-series clutch, so we have reduced the Stage2 flywheel weight to achieve an overall rotating mass that is essentially identical to a typical 11.5lb lightweight flywheel that utilizes a standard E46 clutch.

Driveability of this package is very easy, nothing tricky or special... just more performance! While a 16.9lb flywheel still gives a tiny boost in performance, you're leaving quite a bit on the table by not shaving that additional 5lbs. 5lbs of rotating mass, calculated as moment of inertia, is significant!

To have an understanding of the advantages of reducing rotating mass, please see:

Hope that helps!
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