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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
At least these are pretty easily servicable minus the subfram bushings. For an Audi you have to take the whole car apart to get to anything in the engine.
That is nothing at all like the truth. I own an audi, and it is not as bad as the interwebs make it out to be.

Sure, some things are hard, but not everything. But the same goes to BMW, especially the inherent faults we have on just the E46 alnoe...

Subframe ripping
VANOS failure

That is all I have to name. They are so incredibly bad that you can lose the entire car, and in both cases, BMW says they did nothing wrong.

I get the idea of pride for your ride, but siding with BMW because you own one, and your buddies friends brothers son got an Audi and hated it is a pretty lame thing to base your understanding off of.

I like the audi we have for the most part. I wish it was a little newer for the look, but it is still a nice car. I love that the engine has been bullet proof. I think the interior is a little dated, but everything still works great. The only issues I have had with the car were either warranty issues that were fixed, or little issues I either created or are so small it doesn't even matter.

And our car was a lease turn in, purchased as a CPO, and has served as our families main car for 4 years. Never have we been left stranded with the exception of a double tire blow out which could have happened to anyone. I replaced a battery after 3 years, and I need to replace the Kombi Valves to clear a code, but other than that, I have never had an issue with this car that would turn me away from the brand.

2002 M3
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