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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
Dont know what is going on there but every phone is different....just to confirm you are doing it right....go to the bluetooth screen, press the phonebook icon on the bottom of the screen, a keyboard will come up, start to type your contact and the screen should populate with matches.

its bluetooth audio streaming, its not going to display art or track info.
Jeff- I figured out my phonebook issue. Can't explain why but I did a battery pull on the phone when it came back up the D99+ auto connected (which it wasn't doing before) and now my phonebook has appeared. Obviously a phone issue not the Dynavin.

I do have another question. Last night while driving after sundown the screen was extremely bright. I had the Dim setting turned on but the D99 didn't dim when I turned on my headlights. The only way I could dim it was to hold the mute button for a few seconds. Is there no auto dim when the dash lights come on, or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Also as a FYI. My wife drives a 2012 Passat and her OEM radio does display track/ album info from Pandora via Bluetooth.

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