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No CDV for me. I did a 5-speed swap on my e46 so during the install I got to pick and choose what to throw into the car. I also upgraded to the UUC shifter, selector rod, and braided clutch hose.

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Have you done a CDV delete, or are you running the stock valve?
That's really interesting... I guess that makes complete sense that you should be balancing your flywheel when you replace the insert. In that case you're right.

Also, you mentioned a "competitors design", does somebody else make a single mass flywheel conversion for the 6 speed guys?

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Alex - Some good information here. Especially driving behavior notes.

Most (if not all) of the lightweight flywheels offer replaceable surface inserts, however I'm not sure they really offer that much benefit. They aren't really user servicealbe because they should be rebalanced when replaced. This means you need to send the flywheel away if you're replacing the surface during a clutch replacement, when time may be your worst enemy.

On the other hand you should be able to just take the Valeo single-mass down to the machine shop and have them resurface it. Simple, quick, and Local.

I contacted Valeo last evening. They're engaged; I received a response this morning. They haven't tested the flywheel to determine if it will accept a pilot bearing yet. I've asked them if they would test and get back to me.

For anyone interested in contacting Valeo directly here is their email address ->

^ This picture shows the deep recess in the end of the crankshaft used for 5-speed applications.

^ This is a shot of the pilot-bearing installed in the flywheel for 6-speed applications. Not a Valeo but a competitors design.
Interesting bit of info. I suppose that would make sense because the spring dampening mechanism inside the dual mass flywheel can only handle X-amount of power from the engine before its rendered useless. Anywho, I wish I could comment on the power range of the stock part. Perhaps somebody should email or call LUK and ask them.

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Perfect timing for this thread.

Question: It is my understanding that DMFs are tuned up to a specific horsepower, while SMFs can handle a wide range. What is the maximum horsepower that our DMFs can handle? Not that I will ever reach that much HP, I'm just curious
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