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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
If you were fired from a job and leave it on your resume, the new employer will find out when they conduct a verification of past employment.

Leaving it off and then telling someone you were travelling the world is a red flag in and of itself. They'll either think you're lying or that you're a flight risk. Neither quality is one worth hiring.

The only reason you think checking references and doing background checks is a joke is because the jobs you are hiring for are jokes. You probably don't see the value in spending time and money on bus boys, waiters or sink jockeys. You know... menial jobs.
I actually have a VERY low turnover rate, one of the lowest in the city. I hire based on MY training, not theirs, since most people BS and pad their resume's with a heap of worthless BS. It is my job to cut through the BS and see if the person knows anything. Granted, I don't hire rocket scientists but even manager positions I rely on my skills to find out what the person knows, not a worthless piece of paper and meaningless references. How many people have you met that put bad things on their resume?

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