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I should bring up the fact that packaging (parts placement within the vehicle) is one of the more challenging design stages there is for an automobile. You have to take all these systems that were designed in labs or in racing cars and then fit them all into a vehicle that will be on the road for 20 years. You have so much stuff going everywhere. Some of it is robust and can be put just about anywhere, but other things have to be kept clear of heat or moisture or both. Have you ever noticed the preposterous shapes in which the windshield washer fluid bottle is molded for most cars? That's just because it is a low priority item and they stick it where ever they can fit a couple quarts of liquid. Something like the electrical box, master cylinder, or intake will get priority placement. Other things will be shaped to fit around them. It's difficult and time consuming, so we gotta cut auto designers a little slack when we comment on the repairability of a vehicle. The first problem is getting everything to fit. The second problem is making things accessable with a minimum of interference from other parts. They'll bury durable, low maintenance items behind more failure prone devices.

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