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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
The slippery slope, though, is what outcomes are ok for the store? What if their "reasonable" force for a non-violent criminal ends up killing the alleged thief? How much leeway are the cashiers given in what is reasonable? Is the store going to train its employees in the application of hand-to-hand combat so that they can safely subdue a suspect? Or are they just going to trust employees to use their discretion in who's ass they can kick and who's they can't? Would it be allowable to have five employees working together to give a beating to a single suspect?

It's a hell of a lot easier, safer, and more prudent for a large corporation to simply say "don't engage"
Not your problem. It would be the businesses problem. They will hold the liability. However the CHOICE should be theirs. As for the large corporation comment, that's the problem, most businesses are not large corporations and can't always take the robbery hits.
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