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Autogeek is Heading to Nebraska!

Check it out!

Originally Posted by Mike Phillips
Official Invitation to MIKE PHILLIPS!!!!!! - Accepted!

On Thursday December 6th, Yancy and I will be flying out to Lincoln, Nebraska and meeting up with our host Wes Collins, aka Proheader here on our forum to help Wes with the restoration of a muscle car that was hidden away in a barn for 17 years.

Stored in a barn for 17 years
This classic example of Detroit Iron was a race car in it's former life and is now being restored to be a daily driver for Wes's business partner's son is completely unaware of this project and it's being kept a complete secret until Christmas morning when they will surprise the son with his dream car, a car he thinks was sold and long gone...

House of Kolor JetBlack
The car is going into the paint booth this week to be painted using House of Kolor JetBlack and will be back to Wes's custom header shop on December 3rd.

Autogeek's Role
Our job will be to sand the paint flat to remove any orange peel and other surface imperfections and then polish the paint to perfection to give this classic muscle car a true show car finish.

We have 2 full days to do all the sanding, compounding and polishing steps. Besides myself to do the work I'll have the painter of the car, another professional painter, a PPG Rep and a professional car restorer to help me knock this project out.

Special VIP Guest
I'll also have a special guest joining us to really make this project a one-of a kind Christmas present that will be treasured forever.
To help see this project through to success we have a number of sponsors we would like to thank for their contributions.

Dennis Povio, the Senior Account Representative has offered to supply all the sanding products will need including 3M wet/dry sanding papers, backing pads and Trizact Sanding Discs.

Flex North America
Bob Eichelberg, the President of Flex Power Tools North America will be supplying Flex Rotary Buffers and Dual Action Polishers to do all the machine cutting and polishing.

Menzerna USA
Jeff Silvers, President of Menzerna USA will be providing all the compounds and polishes for compounding and polishing the paint to perfection. This will include the brand new Fast Gloss 400 Compound or FG 400.

Lake Country Pad Manufacturers
Eric Dunn, the Senior Account Manger for Lake Country Manufacturing will be providing all the wool and foam cutting pads needed for each of the compounding and polishing steps all the wa through the project.

Max McKee, the President and CEO of Autogeek.net and Palm Beach Motoring Group will be providing products from the Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Line for adding all the finishing touches inside and out to create a true, rolling work of art. Max has also waived the traveling and on-location appearance fees for Yancy and me.

Grit Guard
The wonderful family behind the Grit Guard company, Doug, Luan, Chris and Alli are sending a Grit Guard Universal Pad Wash and Detailing Cart.

One of the most important things I teach in all my classes is the importance of working clean and when it comes to doing the compounding and polishing steps to BLACK paint after a full wetsand process it's vitally important to clean your pads often, especially during the compounding step when using wool cutting pads with rotary buffers.
***Live Video Broadcast***

We arrive Thursday afternoon and will immediately go to the shop and start setting up. Yancy will be taking 2-3 cameras and Wes had High Speed Internet connected to the shop so we'll be able to broadcast all of the action LIVE !!!

Nothing like this has ever been done outside of our own live broadcasts here at Autogeek! Another FIRST in this industry by Autogeek.net

Live Broadcast times to be announced.

Passion for perfection
Anyone that knows me knows I have a life long passion for detailing cars and specifically the paint polishing aspect. I teach wetsanding classes here at Autogeek although wetsanding down an entire car is a ton of work it is one of my favorite parts of the car detailing industry.

Updates to AutogeekOnline.net
I will be taking my trusty, dusty Canon camera along with my laptop computer and will do my best to take pictures of this project and then share them on the forum.

How this all started...
For reference, here's the link to the original thread that started this project and I would like to sincerely say thank you to Wes for trusting me through my articles, pictures and video to take the lead on this project.

Official Invitation to MIKE PHILLIPS!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Proheader


This car has been in a barn for 17 years. When the son left for college, it was backed in a corner and began to become a Bellagio for mice. There it sat year after year just settling dust on her back for years. So much dust that when we picked it up, we could not tell what color it was initially.

The story begins back at a Thanksgiving about two years ago when the car was brought up at the supper table....." that ol' thing, I will never be able to get it back, I just can not afford it right now".

A true father looks to help his son in any way he can. Dad lets the dust settle for a few months and then calls me. Hey, I want to do this ol' car for the kid. He put himself through college and knew one day that he maybe could afford the car once he became older. But Dad thought, why not now, we have the resources, and the team to get this done for him and give it to him for Christmas so he would not even suspect this thing is going on.

This is a TOTAL and I mean TOTAL surprise gift. Compare it to your Dad showing up with your first ever bicycle RESTORED!!!!.....just totally AWESOME.

I came to you Mike because of the passion you have for helping all of us. I just thought to ask for your help to the small guy sometimes that is willing to sell his own car to get you here and make this happen for a Dad that is not my father but has treated me like a son for over 8 years. He has seen my business grow from my home garage to a 6k square foot shop in only 14 months with four people now working part time and enough work until April of 2013. Without him I would not be here nor have the space to offer you to come and do this huge favor for us....

This whole thing is about more than a car, and a father and son. It is about helping those who would not have the opportunity to be something without the help of others who put their faith and trust in someone who has the potential but may not the chance to showcase it.......

If this works AWESOME, I think it will bring a feeling that will last forever in all of our minds beyond just those of us involved. It is a win for all of us who spend more than 20 hours awake everyday for 12 years to make a go at a business no one ever saw, except one person.......the kid's Dad saw it in me.....I am going to make this happen no matter what.......

So thanks Mike for even responding, it means the world to me that people even notice....

NOW, for those of you who want to know what the car is.....I can not reveal it yet because it is so different, that if I was to say, it would show up in this thread in a Google search.......lets just say....its AMERICAN MADE CAR, and it now sports an LS1 and a 6 speed...it will be a daily driver that he can hop in and come home anytime a few hours away...


And remember....

It's the person that does the wet-sanding, cutting and buffing that makes or breaks the paint job -Mike Phillips

Machine sanding the Joker Truck...


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