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Originally Posted by MyNewRag View Post
Took it back to the shop that did the original work, they diagnosed an "out of box quick failure" of the new alternator. It would be fine when the car was cold, but after driving about 10 miles, it would start to act up.

They warrantied the item and the install of course. Had me back on the road in a few hours and it has been fine for the past few days. Hopefully, that took care of it and I don't have a bigger issue causing me to blow through alternators.
There is nothing that will cause you to "blow through alternators." Alternators either do the job they are supposed to do, or they don't. There is nothing in the car that will causethe alternator to fail.

Having said that, you could install a bizillion-watt amplifier and continuously draw more power than the alternator is designed to furnish, but that would cause other nasty things to happen before the alternator went belly up.
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