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Originally Posted by E46tknv View Post
The car can slow down from 111 to 55 pretty quickly. I dont think it would be THAT dangerous since I dont believe anyone is behind him going the same speed. Unless the cop used laser then the radar detector wont save you.
Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Depends what equipment they were using. Usually staties here use either laser (which you are fk'd unless you have jammers, which I have) or they use constant on KA band which you can pick up like no tomorrow.
Jake Cheers for your laser jammers.
I always wondered how would V1 react to the radar from the aircraft.
I should borrow someones V1 and try to see how it picks up the signal from the aircraft radar.

I was not saying V1 is useless. What I meant is, going 130, even 111 on a 55 mph road is downright dangerous. Whether he slams on brakes or not, the road is rated at 55. Upto 75~85 I can understand but at triple digit speeds, braking hard can be really scary and if someone is following you. Both are ****ed.
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