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Hey Ian,

Funny, a friend just asked me the same question about whether or not the shifter could be the culprit. Still, I sincerely have my doubts. Reason being: I've had the short throw shifter in the car for 4+ years. Its never once given me any sort of issues along these lines. Right up to when the old clutch & flywheel came out, the car shifted nicely no matter how I drove the car. After the Valeo kit went in, I started having to slow down my shifts or rev match otherwise I'd experience notchiness. If I slowed down my shifts or rev matched then it shifted exactly the same as it did before.

And just to clarify, it doesn't feel like more effort is needed, it feels like the synchros aren't lined up yet -hence me describing this as "notchy". If I used more effort I'm sure I'd be breaking something -haha!

Regarding the gear chatter, yes, that's the perfect analogy! It sounds like something out of a lightweight flywheel setup. But its honestly sooooo subtle. I really don't want to make an issue out of it or to have people exaggerating this beyond what it is. You have to be doing some major concentration to hear anything -its that hard to detect. Furthermore, I cant rule out whether or not this is a problem that's unique to my car. I'm only writing my observations and letting others decide how it pertains to them.

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Alex, thanks for all of the info, it's great to have this kind of feedback for future customers!

I have to ask about this paragraph though, do you think this relates solely to the new flywheel/clutch assembly or could the additional effort be attributed to the short shift kit?

When you talk about the gear chatter, is it the sound you'd hear with a lightweight flywheel set up? Like a rattle at idle with your foot off of the clutch, or is it all RPM's/driving conditions? We have a 2003 530i here in house that we installed this kit on to replace a lightweight flywheel package. It actually eliminated the rattle and made the shifting nice and smooth, and that car still had a short shift kit installed.


Hey NoMoreIdeas, perfect timing! I'd say your assessment of the syncros is exactly what I'm experiencing. If I just slow down my gear shifts then the syncros line up perfectly and it goes into gear exactly the same as it did with the stock DMF setup. Increased momentum sounds like a very likely culprit.

Still, something that doesn't add up is that we already got definitive weights on both the Valeo clutch kit and the stock setup listed in this thread. The stock dual mass flywheel is heavier by a few lbs.

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If I had to guess, It isnt the gear chatter making it difficult getting into gear, but the heavier disk (with the sprung hub and all), as it takes more effort for the syncros to slow down / speed up a disk because of more weight. The stock dual mass disk looks very light from the pics.

I have a LWFW on another car (non bmw) and the chatter is pretty bad, but gear shifts are effortless because I am now on a lighter unsprung hub vs sprung.

I wondered what adding weight to the disk with a sprung hub would do to the syncros.
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