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Another one of those "car won't start" threads

Ok, yeah, it's another BMW wouldn't start thread.

Here's the story:

So about a week ago, my car started to act up and not start. The thing is, when I put the key in the ON position, I can hear the fuel pump priming, so it's not the fuel pump. And it's a fairly new pump; I actually replaced it almost 2 years ago. And if it were, then the car would still crank(it was my last issue -- a busted fuel pump).

Right now, it won't crank.

I initially thought it was the battery as last week, I tried boosting it and worked. I used the onboard voltmeter and it was registring below 12V. The next day, it wouldn't start again. I tried boosting it again, but didn't work that time. I thought it was a degraded battery, so I bought a new one. No dice. Same issue. So I *think* it's not the battery. I could still be wrong though.(I guess a related question, would the car still crank even though it's putting out 11.9V in the stopped state?)


I've read numerous threads about similar issues and other people say that it was their key. I used my spare but it wouldn't start. So again, it's probably not that.

When I turn the key to start, after the pump has primed, I can hear a faint turning/buzzing sound. I'm not sure if that's the starter motor turning or what.

I'm thinking it might be the ignition switch, starter motor, or alternator.

What are your guys' thoughts? I'd like to see what you guys think. It's sitting in my driveway right now, and I'm still looking for a mechanic that can do house calls. It's cold where I am right now, so I figure that could be a factor to what's going on as well(-8C/18F -- relatively warm, to be honest -- the car has started in colder weathers, but I'm wondering if some part is just too old and degraded that a little cold could trigger a failure).

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