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Originally Posted by Zchild View Post
Can you get the car to a shop or the alternator to a shop to get it tested.
There is no need for a shop for this. If he gets it running again (say, by bump-starting it), he can check the hidden menu for voltage to verify the alternator is working. The alternator doesn't effect starting anyway, so a full charge or jump rules that out, at least for now.
...you can rule out the ignition switch because if the switch was bad the car would still crank and not start.
Fasle. If the switch never contacts the "crank" position, there will be no signal sent to the starter. Cranking = working ign switch...not to say they can't fail intermittently.
If the starter was bad your vehicle would still try to start... Just my two and a half cents worth...
This is also false. Often nothing happens, or there is just a buzzing noise like he describes. Cranking = working starter...not to say they can't fail intermittently.

OP, do the dash/headlights dim when you try to crank it?

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