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Well then, for the Fellahs who think buying a $3 dollar bottle of Iso is a bad idea to avert and curb the risk of getting standed, let's run through a few talking points here. In a debate, there are winners and losers; let's face it; it's great to win. There are a few Fellahs here who want to win this discussion for whatever their intention is, and what it boils down to is that it is based on the fact that they believe spending $3 dollars is flawed, wrongheaded and downright unreasonable to avert some possible bad outcome, risk avoidance in other words, that will affect your well being. If these fellahs win, you save a very measely grand sum of $3 dollars, but then, if your fuel line and exposed fuel filter becomes affected by the cold climes, OP, you lose and lose big. I'm sure, the Fellahs will be very happy if they win over $3 dollars, and if you are sure these Fellahs are 100% right and that they can predict the weather with 100% accuracy and certainty, by all means, save your $3 dollars. I'm sure, they have your best interest in mind over $3 dollars.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of others ability to be "trusted weather oracles" thereby ensuring your well being due to the weather, you being up at 6000+ foot elevation in the thick of winter, to hold so that the gas line and exposed fuel filter won't be affected, then I think you might find it reasonable to spend the grand and princely sum of $3.00 to ensure your well being is secured. In the end, what does it tell you about someone's character and intention when spending $3 dollars is a bad idea to secure your well being? OP, think about that good and hard and consider those underlying intentions and who gains and loses.

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