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Originally Posted by 325inthe510 View Post
IMO it's a meh car (inb4 comments about my 325i)
-interior isn't really that spectacular for a 60k car
-gets beaten by a 40k 5.0 mustang
-BMW reliability (wouldn't want to own one out of warranty)
-f30 m3/4 is around the corner

He could have bought into the future with the tesla.

That's just my $.02
Let me preface this by pointing out that I am opposed to the E90's. E46 FTW.

-He bought it because it's a sports car. DCT and Competition package.
-If you think it gets "beaten" by a Mustang, then you simply are misinformed and grasping at info for the argument.
-It'll be new.
-The M4 will be huge and heavy(er) and turbo charged.

Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I concur, and I drive the E92.
  1. No more gas
  2. Equal performance outside of a track
  3. Newer model
  4. M4 is coming very soon
  5. 100% torque at 0 RPM
  6. It's unique
  7. You're personally helping push technology in the right direction
-E92 is a $75k car, Tesla is a $100k car. The Tesla would have been $85k for similar performance. He drives 6k a year. Gas cost isn't a big issue.
-debatable, and he does HPDE's
-doesn't care
-doesn't care
-Tesla wins.
-doesn't care
-He does this in other ways.

He really wanted a more practical and much faster replacement for his 2003 Boxster S. He has to have automatic (knee problems) which makes a E46 M3 out of the question.
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