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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
I am more educated on the particulars shaping the industry. The fact that AMG, whom you called a small specialty manufacturer sold more engines through all divisions than BMW has with their ///M division, at least according to the 2010 numbers.

So if BMW's ///M division were to become a seperate more exclusive brand, or was marketed the way AMG is, they could afford to not water down their engines, and stick to the formula they always have.

What part of this do you not get?

Can you answer me on the VW Polo, or the deisel audi engines not making these shores? No? Why, I thought you were working "in the industry"...
I'm probably late on this, but the bottleneck of Mercedes is their transmissions. Particularly the needs to be extremely needed up to hold power, and for some of those cars that weigh like 4000+? Lbs...that's a lot. Sexy engines though!
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