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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Two things.

1: Study harder to get out of the fast food industry, although from the sentence structure and grammar, it appears you have found your niche.

2: You know why they tell people not to attempt to stop a robbery? Lawsuits. They don't want to get sued if you injure the robber, or the civil suit from his family from killing him.

Autozone acted both wrong and right. They have the opportunity to change the way people view their stores, and dropped the ball. They followed their policy, but in the end they lost an employee and the money, and a little respect.
hehe i just re read my op it was funny. in any event you lack knowledge of what to do during a robbery..

btw im currently in college progressing towards a MBA

not to prevent lawsuits you are incorrect and i don't know where you heard that from.

$5,000 is replaceable not a human life so you cooperate.

policy is policy the employee did a foolish thing which you lack the knowledge of operating a business to completing understand
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