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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
It was towards NFR who seems to proclaim Zimmerman's innocence with false authority. When in fact, as it stands, Zimmerman is guilty of homicide (through a body and a confession). What is a matter of debate is whether this homicide is justified on not.
Perhaps it's just your terms that require some calibration to be clearer.

Most commonly "guilty" only applies to a crime. Homicide is not by itself a crime, so saying someone is guilty of homicide is a little like saying someone is guilty of walking upstairs. While it's grammatically correct, it's not clear, and that's especially true in this case.

GZ killed TM. It remains to be seen if GZ goes to trial for murdering TM, and if so, if he's found guilty of murdering TM. Whether or not he actually murdered him, we'll probably never know for certain.
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