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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
You guys are killing me! We just went over this at length further up this page.... The DVD drive is different, the PCB board is different, the bluetooth module is different, the main board is different, the touchscreen is different, AND the firmware is different.

Please dont post things like this if you dont know about them, it perpetuates misinformation, remember your posts will still be here months and years from now when you have long forgotten about it.....and ill still be getting emails with questions about the "firmware update that turns a D99 in to a D99+" (that doesnt exist)
Thats not the truth, the mainboard, bluetooth, dvd and gps IS NOT different...the only thing is the Display with the Circuit-Board for dvd and mp3/sd.

In Germany Dynavin changes the Display with Board for about 100Euro is much but its worth! and everything works perfect.

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