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I have parts on my workbench, some are interchangeable, some are not. I mentioned the ones that are are technically correct that certain parts can be broken down, boards unsoldered etc...for instance, the mechanical part of the DVD drive is the same but the board its soldered to is you could dissasemble the drive, unsolder the board, solder in a new can take things apart, change parts, solder/unsolder others, and create a D99+ out of a D99 and D99+ parts....but this is not realistic for 99% of people. What you are describing sounds more like creating a hybrid unit, changing the PCB board will give you something that looks like a D99 on the CD/SD/USB part...changing the touchscreen will make it more responsive....but there are other subtleties, software flashing via USB instead of the update port, the extra bluetooth info, the way audio interacts between bluetooth and nav, that are different as well. Saying Dynavin can take a unit apart and convert it is a lot different than a customer being able to flash the software.

My point is simple, The D99+ is MORE than software. Period. If someone wants to take a unit apart and document exactly what it takes to turn a D99 into a D99+ thats fine with me but I dont have time for that. I get countless emails from people wanting to know where "to download the D99+ software" for their D90-D99 units. It doesnt work that way.

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