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Originally Posted by ATU2010 View Post
Usually 50/50 split of these before/after lifting... After figuring them doesnt look like near enough protein...
Protein: 183g
Carbs: 126g
Fat: 71g

Never really kept with calories in the past two years...
Started using the straps after I cut my hand pretty badly about five months ago. Been using them since then. Usually only on shrugs, dead lift, pulldowns, bent over lifts.
That's 2000 calories... not nearly enough of everything! (Thats your entire day correct)

I would recommend adding roughly 50g more protein (200 calories), 125g more carbs (500 calories), and 15g more fat (135 calories) at minimum on training days, for a total of 3000 calories. Have to give your body something to grow with!

Given your height/weight and with a low activity level (mostly weights) your maintenance is around 2500 calories... even more if you are doing any form of cardio!
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