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Originally Posted by PhoenixBW View Post
After finally finding a complete and already built e46 m3, I'm selling off most of the parts i've gathered and kept from my turn a non-m into an e46 m3 project.

Here is a list of most of the goodies.

WBSBL934X2JR17262 48k has had the matching engine and smg tranny rodbearing recall done and upgraded to 03.5+ s54 specs $3400 for engine $1000 for tranny,
WBSBL93403JR19698 54k mile s54, from a 2003.5 e46 m3 Smg, $3,400 for the engine $1,000 for matching tranny

2 pairs of complete and working bi-xeon auto leveling head lights 03+ $650 a pair

1 pair of xeon m3 projectors from a 2001 $400 for the pair

I have 3 pairs of e46 m3 fenders, various colors $150 each

1 silver m3 coupe hood $400, 1 primered m3 hood $300, 1 topaz blue m3 hood $400, 1 carbon fiber vorsteiner (it is the authentic item) m3 hood $700

3 m3 front bumpers, 2 carbon black $300 each, 1 topaz blue $350

4 m3 rear bumpers, 1 laguna seca (freshly painted)(has rev sensors) $350, 1 silver (has rev sensors) $300, 1 silver (no sensors) $300, 1 topaz blue(rev sensors) $300

3 pairs of e46 m3 side skirts, 1 laguna seca (freshly painted) $350 , 1 pair carbon black $300, 1 pair topaz blue (scratched a bit) $350, 1 drivers side silver m3 sideskirt

1 pair of e46 mtech 2 side skirts (Steel grey) $300

1 06 325ci mtech 2 steel grey bumper with reverse sensors $300

3 m3 trunk lids, 1 steel grey $250, 1 sanded and ready for primer $150, 1 silver $250, 1 silver from an 01 convertible $200

3 e46 m3 Side mirrors, 1 pair Laguna Seca (freshly painted) $450obo, 1 pair carbon black $400obo,

4 stock e46 m3 intakes (includes afm sensor) $250 each (all under 65k miles)

2 stock e46 m3 midpipes $300 each

5 e46 smog pumps $100 each

2 e46 m3 front rebars (carbon fiber) $400 each

3 e46 m3 rear rebars (carbon fiber) $350 each

3 e46 m3 lsd diff's 3.62 ratio (all under 65k miles) $500 each

1 e36 lsd diff 3.91 ratio 89k miles 4 bolt flange non m axel stubbs $400 shipped
1 e36 lsd diff 3.45 ratio 45k miles 6 bolt flange $500 shipped
1 e36 lsd diff 3.15 ratio 75k miles 6 bolt flange$350 shipped

2 stock e46 m3 muffler $150 each
1 euro dtm/muse style with Titanium tips e46m3 muffler $400
1 borla midpipe for an e46 m3 $450

1 pair of 2006 led tail lights from an 06 bmw m3. These are oem tails. $400 plus shipping

1 passenger led tailight from an 06 325ci. This is an oem tail. $200 plus shipping

3 Oval e46 m3 auto dimming mirrors. They are the basic ones with a clown nose. $325 shipped

4 regular non-m e46 autodimming mirrors. They are basic with clown nose. $250 shipped
2 euro e36 autodimming mirrors with pigtails. $100 shipped.

2 pairs of e46 seat belt pyrotechnic assemblies They are in good working condition. $125 each or $200 a pair

6 random e46 Secondary air pumps, 00-06 years m and non m. $150 each

1 Perfect black nappa lighted 6spd shift knob with integrated boot. $150

1 not so perfect black napa lighted 6spd shift knob with integrate boot. $100

1 e46 m3 Rouge engineering short shift kit (5k miles on it) $250 shipped

4 e46 hk 6 x 9 subwoofer assemblies $75 shipped each (complete assembly)

14 e46 hk 6.5 Inch front door and rear parcel shelf speakers $30 shipped each (all working) discounts for multiples

3 e46 hk amps 30 shipped each

1 e46 m54 dinan carbon fiber engine cover $250 shipped (authentic dinan)

3 e36 euro hfm.1 is brand new, the others are medium used. $150 shipped each

E46 armrests
3 dove grey armrests $150 each
2 black nappa armrests $300 each (Includes whole armrest assembly)
1 non m black armrest ($100
3 sets of e46 m3 brushed stainless steel trim $250 each
1 like new set of oem e46 coupe wood trim $250 (no cracks)

e46 m3 dove grey interior, heated, power lumbar (drivers seat torn a lil), passenger in good shape.

PM on you for m3 front bumper
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