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Originally Posted by Tiago View Post
I think that the 2nd version looks better, but i don't see the point of the outer strip vents besides the look factor and water entering spot. The car doesn't have any heat parts beneath it. IMHO, the heat is higher on the rear of the hood.

I made some rough modifications but i think that is enough to get the idea. This vents style enhances the hood bump look by starting lining with the front of the bump and going more backwards where the heat is more severe. It frees the hot air from the most critical area with the help of the air flow that comes in from the bumper and front hood grills. The vents doesn´t look so good because it is deformed from the zooming tool.

Sorry for my very poor photoshop skills. I tried my best.
Thanks for your feedback and your time w/photoshop. Those changes you made do look mean. I'm wondering if others will like it due to it's more domestic look though.

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