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I was prod of myself for doing chins 5 reps with 30lbs. Then I come to read this. I'm only 163lbs.

We should call you guys El Diablos.

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
I'm at 3x6 reps with 40lbs in my weight vest on ring dips. I'm assuming that's harder than regular dips. I got 9 the first set last week. Tomorrow I attempt 45lbs. I don't foresee a problem.

On chinups I'm at 25lbs for 3x5

pull ups, never tried yet.
Originally Posted by Glight View Post
I've done a pullup with 88lbs, a set of 3 chins with 88 and a set of 2 dips with 135. That was many lbs ago though. I'm a lot heavier now and dont work them exclusively....
Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Right now I'm regularly using 50 lbs. for my pull/chin-ups and dips, but I do heavier, low rep sets with 60 lbs. in an attempt to break a plateau. I regularly can muster 4 sets of 8-10 pull-ups/chin-ups - depending on how taxing my workout was - using 50 lbs. on a weight belt. I do them at the end of my workout, so some days I feel stronger and more capable than others. I've never attempted anything higher than 60 lbs.
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