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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
That's 2000 calories... not nearly enough of everything! (Thats your entire day correct)

I would recommend adding roughly 50g more protein (200 calories), 125g more carbs (500 calories), and 15g more fat (135 calories) at minimum on training days, for a total of 3000 calories. Have to give your body something to grow with!

Given your height/weight and with a low activity level (mostly weights) your maintenance is around 2500 calories... even more if you are doing any form of cardio!
Realizing I definitely left out some stuff. Prolly closer to about 40-50 more carbs and maybe 20 protein

As far as cardio goes I've been doing about 3 miles each day or 20-30 minute jog. Also pretty labor intensive job... Plus practicing ball
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