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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Have you ever changed your fuel filter? I don't know if this is possible on SULEV cars. Maybe your O2 sensors are going or your MAF sensor is dirty.

3/4 of a tank is 12 gallons so with 12.75 it should be past the 1/4 marker like it is. That might be a little far, but fuel gauges aren't that accurate ever anyway.

Oh and if that 26.7 MPG has been established over a couple thousand miles, then 300 at 24.7 is not going to move the average much. Reset the meter for this next tank and then compare the values.
The fuel filter can't be changed on SULEV (that's why I don't go below 1/4 tank).

The 26.7MPG is over just one tank of 316 miles; I reset it every single tank.

My gauge/MPG has always been deadly accurate (i'm a #s person, and often calculate it manually. That's why I picked up on this issue "quickly").

I found another thread here (http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=592414) that might be related to my issues. Can anybody else confirm/deny they're related?

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