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Originally Posted by GRIFFIN View Post
my office is Granite Bay,, there is a mexican resturant in roseville that I like to go to, but so do people who live in Roseville. New money people. I order my burrito after to waiting for these 2 ugly monied skanks to order and get ther elittle brat kid to listen to what they were saying. Even the child did not respect the mother. they go and sit down and I go to the salsa bar, and am about ready to put my chips in the bag and get my salsa, but one of the b1tch omesu p and cuts in front of me. I say excuse me. She said I need to get this real quick (I am not a small guy . 6'2" 225pounds.) then the other one comes up and then cuts in front of me. The first one says to the other" i think I cut in front of this guy" the other one giggles. I then speak up and say what the fvck are you doing out of the kitchen?. Where the fvck are your husbands? I need ot talk with them and teach them how to keep you ignorant women in line. They were about read y to b1tch me out and I said "shut up" go and take care of your child before he grows up and become a wannabe thug and robs me in 15 years. I grabbed my food and then left.

the end.
Hahaha awesome
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