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Guess I screwed myself..I'm going to this event tonight for a local company party that I received an invite to..I said "Hey I'll be out tonight, Raytheon rented out the venue and I got an invite"

her: "Oh, I don't think I can go though"

me" It's cool I think I can get you in, let me know if you want to go. If not let's meet after"

her"Oh sorry, I don't think I can do anything tonight. Thanks for the offer though"
me"I misinterpreted that you wouldn't be able to get in, have fun tonight"
her"Oh I go downtown a lot I know pretty much everyone so I doubt that'd be a problem"
me "Haha yeah I forget"

I don't think she could just walk in but whatever..Banged her, she loved it, didn't text her super needy style, rarely did that, just went cold. Yeah I know move on, but fvck man. I know what I did wrong as!t.

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