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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
bmw never made the e46 lighted stubby 6 speed shifter knob (aka zhp knob)

but there is a seller on ebay that makes them out of the factory knob and adds a LED to light up the shift pattern like the oem M3
True and false. They make the F10 M5 knob that is illuminated, which is essentially a ZHP knob. I think I've seen people mention that the leather feels more luxurious (as one would expect in a $100k car) and the top part is just the slightest bit fatter.

I doubt you would even be able to tell the difference unless you were going absolutely insane. So I guess it could be called an illuminated ZHP knob. Or an F10 M5 knob, where the illumination aspect is a given.

I can't tell what these are. Are they the F10 M5 knobs? They seem to be about a similar price.

IIRC for the F10 M5 knob (aka illuminated ZHP knob), you need to take the leather boot off that is attached to the knob by cutting it at the base of the knob itself.

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