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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
Damn bro! already? how many miles on that ZHP, what did you do, beat the pizz out of it at the track?

Need rear shocks/springs for wife's car, hit me up! but maybe this can wait till spring...

P.S. Saw your mug in the last issue of Boston Bimmer, at ****ner in shewsbury for the undercarriage inspection event.
My clutch is just fine, it's the dual mass flywheel that's shot... I got a killer deal on a JB Racing Flywheel and Clutchmasters FX300 clutch that I want to install... the awkward shifts are making me crazy...

Yeah, sorry about the shocks and springs bro.... After my finals I am pulling the whole subframe carrier, at which time I will have your shocks and springs out and waiting for you. I am hoping to get to that on the 15th or 16th. Technically, its off the ground now, and if you wanted them sooner than that I could have them out in maybe 10 minutes.... just let me know.

I havent had time to read the Boston Bimmer, so I haven't seen it, and didn't know until you told me... Ill have to go look at it now!

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