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First time...

I recently bought a decent tool kit with mostly everything...Never tore anything from my engine apart before, or followed a DIY for car maintenance.

2001 325i

I cleaned my Idle Control Valve after 190k miles, it took two bottles of throttle body cleaner (CRC) and then it eventually started making the knocking back and forth noise, essentially moving freely again. It was disgusting and so grimed up I thought I had to buy a new ICV.

I took a look at my DISA, and did tests to see if it's going bad and it's still good, everything was tight and firm...even after 190k miles. I didn't bother cleaning it, it wasn't that bad at all.

My air boots were recently replaced brand new by an independent shop so they're in perfect condition nearly.

I will be doing an all around brake job tomorrow (Rotor-works Slotted/Drilled Rotors, Centric Brake Pads, Wear Sensor, Flush), and an Oil Change.

In the last 5k miles I've payed the independent shop to do the following:
1. NGK Spark Plugs
2. Spark Plug Boots
3. Valve Cover Gasket
4. Oil Filter Housing Gasket
5. Front Control Arms/Bushings (Lemforder)
6. Air Filter (OEM)
7. Pre Cat o2 Sensors (Friend tock172 helped me out)
8. Fuel Filter/Fuel Pump
9. Cooling System Overhaul (Hoses, Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant Expansion Tank, Bleeder Screw, my radiator is already months new)

I'm hoping to do my rear differential bushing, engine mount and tranny mount next week. I hope the car will run near new, and yes it's an automatic.

Any thoughts?!

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