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Originally Posted by jknutter View Post
I followed the Instructional video and installed the GPS antenna below the HVAC Ducts right above the head unit on the metal tube support. In my case the reception was horrible. It took at least 5-10 minutes before the system would lock on a satelite signal. I really did not want to mount the antenna on top of the dash in plain sight (That OCD thing again). So I searched for another location and found the perfect spot!

Remove the instrument cluster (two T15 Torx screws) and set it off to the side (you don't even have to disconnect any wires). Behind it you will find a flat tab that is part of the HVAC duct work mounting. I used the left over two sided foam tape from the back up camera gasket to stick the GPS antenna to this tab. Now the system locks on the satelites almost instantly and even gets a strong signal in my garage. Enjoy....
If you have a comfort windscreen/heat-absorbing glazing the place for the GPS antenna underneath the dashboard will result in zero satellite reception. Even placing it on the dashboard is not good enough, obviously.

I'm in the situation right now, looking for alternatives...
BTW, does the GPS antenna really have a SIRF III chip set?

Does anybody already have a solution where to place the antenna in case of comfort glazing?
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