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Originally Posted by Shaban View Post
Multiplayer has been pissing me off recently! I can never get more than 3 bars, and I have it set to only connect to the best connections. On my screen I'll see the guy and start shooting first, but then they end up killing me. I watch the killcam and it shows them shooting me first... wtf? Same thing if I see someone while going around a corner, I'll start shooting them first on my screen, but they kill me, and when I watch the killcam, they are seeing me before I even turn the corner and they are shooting me before I even see them.

I'm also constantly getting my connection interrupted, lag, and a ton of hit markers that result in 25+ assists. I've tried using multiple guns, but I usually stick with the PDW with reflex site and silencer. (Yes I know silencer does less damage, but it gives me the bs hit markers and assists even without it)
^ I won't play on 3 bar connection - too damn frustrating. I only get it a few games a night, but I back out when I do.
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