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Originally Posted by ajai View Post
I tried 35 all around, the car accelerate faster. but bouncy.
and I feel 34 seems to have more traction. Anyone run 34 here?
I have Dunlop star. anyone with that?
also do your traction control light goes on on bumpy rounds?
Traction control light coming on on bumpy roads means your suspension is done.
There's no difference between 34 and 35 on the street.
The door jam (just like on every other car in the world) tells you the recommended pressures for your tires.
Anywhere between 32 and 38 should be fine for the typical e46

Just so this is clear: decreasing your pressure does not increase traction on pavement.
However neither does increasing your pressure.
There's an exact pressure for each tire to be under certain conditions for maximum grip.
It all depends on weight of car, temp of road, suspension, tire, tire temp, road conditions and so on.
To simply say that "increasing or decreasing your pressure adds grip" is ignorant. Especially for street driving because you're not loosing grip. And if you are something on your car is inadequate or you drive like an idiot.
My car will grip to worlds end on the street.

Track driving is another story and 0% of people in this thread do it. I guarantee it
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