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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
No idea but that would be awesome if you got it done...I saw a pair of post ban mp5 samples sell for about $6k

How is fl with setting up a FFL? Md a big problem is zoning and you now basically need a location...they are cracking down on giving out home FFLs.
I have access to a few commercial locations, any one of which I could tack it on to. I'd do it out of the house, but you're right. I don't want the liability or people coming into my place and zoning is tricky.

Originally Posted by jott5555 View Post
You cannot just get an FFL license to collect unless its for relics, you need to have a legitimate business and be selling firearms otherwise you cannot qualify for one. Also be prepared to shell out some cash for the Class III, And even if you did get the license once you had the firearms as soon as you close your business you have to either transfer them to another FFL dealer or destroy the fire arms.

Also it is not a quick process it takes up to 60 days.
It's not just to collect. I'll do transfers and sell a few things hopefully. Transfers will be cheap, like 5-10 bucks for anything. Just enough to cover my cost of doing them; I couldn't care less about making a ton of money with it. It's purpose will be to cut some of the fat off the fees other FFL's charge for stuff that shouldn't be that expensive. $50 transfers are a joke and are just sticking it to people. Access to bottom dollar prices on all sorts of stuff will be beneficial to friends, family, and other acquaintances and customers as well. If I recall, I read somewhere that the fee is like $500/year for a class III. That's not too bad and I'll hopefully offset that with some sales. I plan on keeping it open.

Also, pre-ban dealer samples you CAN KEEP if you close up; they just can't be held personally or be transferred to family in the event of your death. They must be sold to another dealer at that point.

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