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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
There is no need for a shop for this. If he gets it running again (say, by bump-starting it), he can check the hidden menu for voltage to verify the alternator is working. The alternator doesn't effect starting anyway, so a full charge or jump rules that out, at least for now.
If I connect the cables and access the onboard voltmeter it'll go up to ~14V. That should be more than enough to start it, right? If it were the alternator, shouldn't I receive a low battery light even though when the car's running?(Which was not the case because when it initially failed, I jump started the car and it worked and was able to drive it for more than an hour. The issue came back the next morning and when I tried to jump it again it wouldn't even crank, even though it's registering about ~14 volts when the key is in the ON position EDIT: by that I meant, the jumper cables were connected when I put the key in the ON position)

OP, do the dash/headlights dim when you try to crank it?
Actually, no. Which means the battery still has enough juice, correct?

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