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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
What do you do when you close the gap between you and someone who is going 10mph slower than you and obviously has no intention of moving to a farther right lane? In America flashing the brights is looked at as some sort of emergency thing and people FREAK OUT... and then slow down.
If people won't get out of the passing lane, then obviously you should pass them on the right. But I always at least attempt to get them to move over, flash my brights a few times, wave with my hand, they still don't get it then I blow past them and resume the speed I intended to go. But seriously around here I get passed probably 70% on the right, it boggles my mind... I will have no traffic on either side of me going 70mph in a 65mph zone and still get passed on the right by people who came up from behind me... wtf?

Originally Posted by trj View Post
Do: Take care of it as a car. Do what is needed; Keep it clean, reliable and well maintained.
Dont: Spend all your money and time on it, doing unnecessary stuff. There are better things to do than devote everything to the car.

Do pack it with groceries.
Don't forget about said groceries.
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