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Originally Posted by tsawyer View Post
1) I have installed my reverse cam and I can see the video if I switch to the cam input, but it does not switch automatically when I put it in reverse. I have the system setting set for camera only. I did not run the ‘reverse’ wire because I thought that the bus sent that info and the wire was not needed. Am I missing something? I do have the cam wired to a switched 12v so that it is always on, but I did try unplugging the video feed, putting it into reverse, then plugging in the feed to see if it was triggered by the input signal and that did not seem to make a difference.
You need to connect the reverse trigger wire to the reverse light circuit. Some dynavin installs do this via the canbus but the E53 is not one of them. You must use the reverse trigger wire.

Originally Posted by tsawyer View Post
2) My steering wheel controls are a bit erratic. If I hit volume up continuously, it will either go up the first five or six times then stop for another five or six presses, or it won’t go up at all for the first five or six presses and then it starts responding. The same applies for volume down and track up and down. I checked the bus interface box and it is secure and trying unplugging and replugging without any change. I have pulled the bus interface box and reflashed it just in case - with the no-obc/no-odc firmware - but the issue is the same. I am wondering if this is possibly related to issue #1 above as well.

Unrelated to #1, could be a lot of things, could be a flaky box, could be a bad connection, you might try moving the ibus wiring around while pressing the button to see if you can replicate the issue. In general the steering wheel buttons are pretty reliable.....

Originally Posted by tsawyer View Post
3) The touchscreen is flakey - from what I can tell only on the Andriod side. I calibrated it on both sides of the hardware, but when I am running on the android side I get unusual results. What happens is that the system will trigger a tap on the previous area of the screen, even if you are typing somewhere else – ie, if I type the letter “D” and then the letter “O”, the system will register another “D” when I press the “O” on the screen. It is not just the keyboard either – lots of times tapping the back arrow will result in the ‘last tapped’ point on the screen to be triggered instead. I have gone as far as reflashing the firmware with the latest stock version, but it is still happening. I have also tried to replicate it on the non-android side, but have not seen it happen there yet. Is anyone else reporting this type of issue, or could there be a HW problem on the android side of things? I can reproduce it pretty easy, so if a video example would help I can post one up.
I assume you took the protective plastic off the screen?

Recalibrate the screen hardware....go to the radio settings>DISPLAY, then press the upper right of the screen, follow the prompts. Once that is done, calibrate again in the android menu, that should get the hardware AND the software all on the same page.

If that doesnt do it, make there is no debris between the screen and bezel, run a business card around the perimeter to make sure there is no junk wedged in there that could be putting pressure on the screen.
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