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Originally Posted by v8 5 View Post
Noticed when I have a really good relationship with a girl, I tend to make friends with her "best friend"

Everything goes great for a year, or whatever

but then the "best friend" always ****s things up if she's a "larger one" (aka fatty), it usually goes two ways:
  • She tries to split you up so she can leverage her friend to find more guys so she can nab one up herself, as her friend wont want to go "looking around" anymore
  • She tries to split you up because she "likes you more" and tells her friend "he's not good for you"

Having first dated a regular girl with a regular aka non-fatty friend that can score for herself, I never had this problem. Seems like the best girls always have the fat friends though.
She has two "larger" friends. Both are married. Not too worried.

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