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The whole cooling system would cost you $300 to $400 for parts (luckily you have a manual). You've already done the water pump, so that takes down what's left a bit. It's an easy DIY, and all the info you need is in Mango's sticky thread at the top of the main page. Read first, get started, then come back on here for help if you get stuck. Good luck!

Edit: By the way, my crystal balls tell me that there's a fuel pump and filter in your near future. The choice is whether to change the pump before it fails, or after. Both arguments are heavily represented in this forum. Better start reading about that too. And way before you wanted to know, you'll probably find out what OFHG, VCG and CCV all stand for. And RTAB and FCAB. And VANOS and DISA. Welcome to our world!
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