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WOW this post is going wild......

@pauljcl.....Give me your vin & I'll check it for you.

@johnrando...They all "just screw in & out". All I meant was that the 'swirl' you see wrapped around the antenna is ALSO used for the Telephone antenna. I just don't know if the "STUBBY" has this feature. SO, IF you did have a Bluetooth telephone system, the STUBBY might impale the phone reception. You would need to contact the manuf. of this unit & see if they did something to allow for it. Just guessing on this one....'ll need to take that up with the German telephone engineer. Keep in mind, on ALL other models are "In roof under rear window". Again, this is for the telephone NOT bluetooth connect.

@cityjohn....YEP, that 'wire' is the antenna in question.

You can find this on page 610-15, 4th row under :Antenna...Convertible.."Wound around mast antenna"
'05 330ci

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