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Originally Posted by sunsetcoast View Post
This is why we have a winter car. Intersections are bad. So are uncleared interstates with drivers who insist on driving as if it is 70F and sunny.
whats worse than that is the idiots that are in the fast lane of the expressway going 15 mph when everyone else is going 50. then they get mad when they get rear ended. if you or your car cant handle driving in the snow then dont. of course you have to slow down when theres snow, but there is a point when it becomes dangerous to be going that slowly. i drive the chicago expressways everyday and i can tell you that when the first snow of the year comes dont expect to be anywhere, its not gonna happen. 3 hours to go 20 miles no joke. last year i counted 11 cars in ditches and into dividers on a 30 mile drive home.
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