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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Why does this sticky tell people to replace certain parts blindly or based on mileage instead of doing a proper diagnosis? Like belts, bearings, and thermostats for example? It's a pretty wasteful use of money and time prematurely replacing those parts...
So, how do you diagnose a water pump, wait until you hear it scream? What if it dies before it screams? Thermostats fail open, so you can run them to failure. However, you might as well replace it when replacing the water pump, since you're that deep into the engine.

Expansion tanks are notorious for cracking the length of the tank with no apparent warning. I suppose you have a strain gage attached to yours so that you will be warned of impending failure. How much did that cost?

Belts, you can see, so periodic visual inspection is okay. I just like to do it all at once and not worry about it until the next inspection interval, which is the subject of another debate.

It's a balance. Figure out the interval that you can live with, then replace the other components under the "while I'm at it, might as well...." category.
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